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What are the cookies files?

Cookies are text files contain a small amount of information, that they download to a computer, mobile, or other user's device when they visit a website. Than, when you visit this site for each time, cookies are sending back to the original website or to another page, which it recognizes cookies. These files allow identification of the device and right display the website for users, customized to their individual preferences.

Why we are use cookies?

We are using cookies for optimalization of website usage. We are using also them to get anonymous, summary statistics, which can help to analyze how the user is using a website. These information can help to improve the structure and content of the site.

What cookies we use

Two types of cookies are used - temporary and permanent. The first of these are temporary files, which stay on your device until you logout of the website or you do not disable them in your web browser. Permanent or fixed files stay on your device for the time specified in your cookies or until you manually delete them.

Privacy protection

Cookies is storing information in your used browser, but it is anonymous information. Therefore, it is not possible to identify you personally if these data you don’t provide them yourself (name, phone, e-mail, etc.).

How to remove cookies

Saving of cookies you can edit directly in your web browser, this rule is enable in default settings. Here are links to the tutorials for setup of the most popular browsers.

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